Mathias Bär

His systematic approach to graphic design encompasses two things: A maximum of orientation and precision, and great distinctiveness. Those features are well visible on our collaboration on and

Jan Buchczik

It's surprising again and again how Jan manages to carve out a funny and explanatory image from even the most complicated correlations. You can find his work in the New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week or Zeit Campus

Alison Chandler

To make sure that your message is understood worldwide, perfect English is the key. As Alison is a native speaker, it is a huge enrichment to have her on the team. Also complicated German texts are no problem for her English translation skills.

Timo Lenzen

With his subtle designs, that are always on point, Timo creates sometimes abstract, sometimes disturbing and always visually stimulating moods. In both his applied as well as his purely Graphic Arts you'll be absorbed by the worlds he creates.

Marc Krause

Marc is well versed when it comes to portraying people in a way that makes you want to have a coffee with them. You can see his photography in Art MagazinWired or Capital Magazin. With Young Hare  he added sound to our trailer for cermâ gallery, which he also directed.

Urban Media Project

The Offenbach-based design studio not only helps Frankfurt smaller brother's citizens regain faith in their city. As seen on, their experience in identifying and presenting the good also increases the value of exhibitions, building projects or museums.

Sabine Weier

Her writing is clarifying as well as it is entertaining. Her understanding of particular circumstances, which she then transforms into nice-to-read texts, is a pleasure you can enjoy, for example in Camera Austria.

Sebastian Zimmerhackl

While his fast-forward energy is enjoyable, it also pushes the projects he's part of to new levels. When you need to overcome boundaries Sebastian will have a creative solution in a flash.

And others...

We are proud to work with professionals in a variety of fields. That's not only fun, but an all-encompassing approach in the rapidly changing landscape of the internet. Get in touch to find out who could support your project!


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We believe that technology can have a positive impact on our every day lives. But we also recognise that we should engage to avoid increasing inequality caused by automation and monopolisation. We approach such topics by being part of initiatives like »Internet-TBD«.

In addition, we support projects without a big budget for web design/development, but with a value for the general public, depending on our capacities. Feel invited to give it a try by sending a short summary of your ideas to hello(at)

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Workshop & Talk in Mannheim, August 2015

»Kann eine online Plattform ein Off-Space sein?« The Reciprocal Turn, Karlsruhe, 2015

»Nodes in the digital art world«
Panel at Node Festival 2015, Frankfurt

»Le spectateur augmenté«
scam* Paris, Conference, April 2014

»L’exposition numérique comme œuvre d’art« École national supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 2013 

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